Madcatter 38th Annual Sailing Regatta

National Hobie Cat sailors to compete on Oneida Lake

(Oneida Shores County Park Brewerton, NY)  One of the longest running events ever to take place at Oneida Shores County Park is back again for it’ 38th  year.  On Saturday, May 17th & Sunday

 May 18th,  2014, Syracuse area Hobie Cat sailing Fleet 204 will host the 38th anniversary Madcatter sailing regatta at Oneida Shores County Park in Brewerton, NY.  The major sponsor of the regatta this year is Boat Works Ltd., located in E. Syracuse, NY.  Participants will travel from Canada, Michigan, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the entire northeast U.S. to compete in these very fast sleek sailing crafts.  

Hobie Cat sailors will compete in a series of races on Oneida Lake during the weekend long event.  Over 150 Hobie Cat sailors are expected to compete in each race which is comprised of a two person captain and crew, per boat.   Local area Hobie Cat sailors from around central New York will be competing as well. 

The racers compete on a course of triangle buoys set about 1 mile apart.  Races will be held on both Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18. Boats will leave the Park’s beach at 10:00am and racing will start shortly after on the lake wind and weather permitting.  Spectators are encouraged to watch the races on the lake either from shore at the beach or from personal watercraft on the water.

          This year the racing field will include the F18 class of sailboats.  Included in this class of sailboats will be the Hobie Wild Cat. This 18’ long high tech sailboat was developed by the Hobie Cat division in Europe and is quickly becoming a favorite among the F18 sailors here in the United States.  It is expected to be very fast and competitive in the F18 class.

Oneida Shores County Park and this event are open to the public at no charge and are encouraged to visit with the sailors and view the beautiful sailboats and their colorful sails.   There will be five different classes of Hobie Cat sailboats competing in the day long events.  Hobie Cat sailboats vary in sizes from the popular 16 foot to 21 foot boats.  Known as some of the fastest and most exciting small personal sailboats, competitors will challenge the winds and waves that Oneida Lake is well known for.   

           This year’s Hobie Cat Fleet 204 Commodore Therese Straigis from Cicero, NY says, “The racing this year will be very competitive, pre-registrations are higher and this indicates some of the best Hobie sailors from around the country will be in our area that weekend to take part in Madcatter 38.”  Regatta sponsor Rob Jerry from Boat Works Ltd. says “we are very happy to be a major sponsor once again this year.  Interest in sailing as a family sport is on the upswing.”

Park visitors and race spectators are encouraged to visit Oneida Shores County Park; there is no admission or parking fee until Memorial Day.  For more information about Fleet 204 and catamaran sailing visit their website at

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