Hobie Gunpowder 2014

Regatta Highlights

by Steve Myer

The 2014 Division Eleven Hobie racing season kicked off this year with the 42nd running of the Gunpowder regatta on May 3rd and 4th. Mother Nature provided pleasant weather for the annual Spring regatta which was hosted by Hobie Fleet 54 and held at Gunpowder Falls State Park in Kingsville, Maryland. Gunpowder Falls State Park encompasses countless acres of grassy fields and woodlands, a sandy beach area, and waterfront access to a wide open and uncrowded stretch of the Northern Chesapeake Bay. This makes the park a superb venue for Hobie sailing.

            The Hobie 14, 16, and 17 fleets were in attendance and this was Division Eleven’s Hobie 14 championship regatta. Saturday’s weather mainly included light Southerly winds and clear sunny skies with pleasant air temperatures in the upper 60’s. Although the conditions remained mild, the race committee was able to hold four competitive races during the otherwise beautiful day.

As always, Fleet 54 did a first-rate job of keeping competitors well fed and Saturday night’s meal included seven layer dip, a variety of chicken wings, hot crab soup and a full chicken dinner. The dinner party was interrupted by a brief rain storm which quickly cleared.

In its wake, the storm left a complete double rainbow over the water directly in front of the regatta tent for the group to admire. After sunset, Mark Modderman entertained the other sailors with a series of video clips that he filmed on the water during the racing.
Sunday was a transitional weather day that started out warm and sunny with Westerly winds. The wind direction eventually turned to the North and brought overcast skies and cooler temperatures. The gusty winds allowed for occasional periods of double trapping and the oscillating breeze caught a few sailors by surprise resulting in a hand full of capsized boats. 

The weekend was concluded with a total of eight well run and challenging races. Many thanks go to the state park service, Hobie Fleet 54, and the Flanigan family whose continued efforts have allowed Hobie sailors to enjoy this unique and beautiful regatta site for over four decades.

Event Results

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