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Hobie 101 & 102 Class 2014
Seattle, Washington
May 10 - May 10

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Fleet 95 will be hosting Hobie 102 on May 10th at Sail Sand Point in Seattle. This event is a follow-on to Hobie 101 and is intended for Hobie sailors who have an interest in racing Hobies. Minimum requirements are the ability to right, tack, and gybe a Hobie. We will focus primarily on the Hobie 16, but all catamarans are welcome.

The class will start out with a morning chalk talk and group discussion on tactics, strategy, and logistics surrounding both club and big-fleet racing. We will also discuss how to set up a training program for yourself. We will then use a set-up 16 to show rigging tips gleaned from the recently concluded World Championships in Australia, and to discuss sailing tips to improve performance.

After lunch we will take to the water for a series of exercises with coach boats in the water shooting video. We will conclude the afternoon with some impromptu, short-course races in front of Sail Sand Point, again with video. After breaking down the boats we will retire to the classroom at SSP to critique video footage while quaffing a favorite beverage and polishing off the leftover munchies from lunch.

Cost is $25/pp. This type of coaching usually goes for $300-400/day. Fleet 95 is offering it this one-time only for $25. Pre-registration is requested to help us with numbers for lunch. Please RSVP your intent to attend. It will be international in scope as we already have one Canadian registered, eh?

This event will be offered this one time only. No other Hobie 102s are planned. Regardless if you understand the incredible value here, the mere opportunity to spend a day tuning up before the season starts will improve your sailing dramatically. Guaranteed or your money back!!

RSVP requested to nelson.peter1@live.com.

More Information:

Division 4 Website and Facebook

Fleet 95 Facebook

Jerry Valeske 425-432-7749 gvaleske@verizon.net

The Results

Hobie 101/102 happened this past Saturday.  This year we had two seminars going at the same time, one group were either novice or beginning catamaran sailors and the other was oriented to racing.  With a group of 15 to 20 sailors.  We got about 8 boats on the water in the afternoon in 5 knots of breeze.  Jerry Valeske took on the beginners while Peter Nelson conducted the racing session.  Laura Sullivan floated between sessions offering her experience in both.  Jerry taught basics of sailing and catamarans using the Hobie University workbook and other materials we've developed over the years.  Peter went over "one Hobie weekend" and the basics of a regatta, rules, starts and racing.  The two groups then came together to view videos (GoPro footage from Hobie 16 Worlds in Australia) demonstrating tacks, gybes, starts and mark rounding.  From there we went to the "on the beach" Hobie 16 for questions and live demonstrations of setup and tacks, gybes, etc.  After Lunch the group hit the water on Sail Sand Point 16s, Waves or personal cats.  We conducted practice starts with quick races for the 102 group, the cool thing about 102 was that the youth outnumbered the adults.  The 101 group was individually coached on the basics. To conclude the event, we had refreshments while viewing a compilation of capsizes and "how to" righting’s from Hobie Worlds.

Check out more photos at Hobie Fleet 95 Facebook

This event was not a regatta there will be not results. 

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