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The Mug Race 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
May 3 - May 4

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The Mug Race is the world's longest river race, a challenging one-way course along the beautiful St. Johns River. The race begins in Palatka, FL and ends in Jacksonville just south of the Buckman I-295 Bridge. All entrants must have mast heights no greater than 44 feet in order to clear the Shands Bridge in Green Cove Springs. The race uses a Pursuit Start where each boat has a start time based on their rating. In essence, slower boats have a head start with the faster boats chasing them, all pursuing to cross the finish line first! There are more than 80 class trophies that will be awarded based on boat class and different categories including first all female crew to finish, first dinghy monohull to finish, and even one for the last boat to finish. 

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The Rudder Club


Kenneth L Purdy  904 264-4094  klppurdy@yahoo.com

The Results

These photos were taken at the mid-course gate. We take official times at this gate (about 24 nm up the course) in case boats aren't able to finish the entire 38 nm course before nightfall. That's the point the Coast Guard makes us clear the river. This year only 11 of the 92 registrants were able to finish the 38 nm course, but because there was wind in the morning there were an additional 49 racers who made it through the gate. So we were able to give out 60 trophies - if you made it through the mid-course gate, we had a trophy for you!

More Fotos:

Shands Bridge


Perpetual Trophy Winners

The Mug Cup for First Boat to Finish

                  Chris Cordes, Jacksonville, FL, A-Cat, Gone with the Wind

The Commodore’s Trophy for First Rudder Club Boat to Finish

                  Chris Cordes, Jacksonville, FL, A-Cat, Gone with the Wind

Putnam Chamber of Commerce Trophy for First Multihull Cruiser to Finish

                  Eric Hopton,   Corsair 27, Euphoria

Sullivan E. Howard Trophy for First Monohull Dinghy to finish

                  Terry Warren, Orlando, FL, Buccaneer, No Not Yet

Bobbie Lee Johnson Trophy for First All-Female Crewed Boat to Finish

                  Kim Matos, St. Augustine, FL, Cal 29, Morning Star

Youngest Sailor Trophy for First Boat to Finish with Skipper and Crew under the age of 19

                  Bailey Verkaik and Leah Harper, Eustis, FL, Hobie 18, Jenny #14

Colin MacKenzie Trophy for First Putnam County Resident to Finish

                  Chip Laibl, Palatka, FL, Supercat 20, SuperFly

Corinthian Trophy for Last Boat to Finish

                  Tom Davis, Jacksonville, FL, Cal 9.2, Ghost

Sportsman’s Trophy for Exemplary Race Behavior

                  Randy Palmer, Archer, FL, Hunter 26, Audacious

*The Sullivan E. Howard, Bobbie Lee Johnson, Youngest Sailor, and Colin MacKenzie Trophies were awarded on mid-course elapsed times, corrected to the shortened distance.


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